The Fast Lane of Real Estate

The Fast Lane of Real Estate

Your neighbor at 1105 Mayflower Dr Reno, NV just sold their home with an accepted offer in just 3 days!!

In the cutthroat arena of real estate, the remarkable feat of a home going pending within three days is not just a stroke of luck but a testament to the relentless effort and strategic acumen of a dedicated realtor. I'd like to take this opportunity to peel back the curtain on the hard work my team and I put in to achieve such swift transactions, and offering insights into the strategies that lead to success.


Behind the Scenes of a Quick Sale

  1. Market Mastery: My in-depth understanding of local market trends, inventory levels, and buyer preferences is foundational. This knowledge allows me to price homes competitively, appeal to the right audience, and anticipate shifts that could impact the sale. Finding comparable properties in this neighborhood was not easy. Diving into the historic sales of the neighborhood, there was minimal turnover especially coming out of a unfavorable market with high interest rates. I took it upon myself to call every agent that worked a transaction in the neighborhood within the last year. Looking at numbers on a spreadsheet is only half the story, and I wanted to know it all. I was determined to know if any credits were given to secure a loan or manage repairs, I wanted to know both the buyers and the sellers motivations, and I wanted to see if in any scenario there were buyers that missed out and may be interested in this property. Taking the time to make these connections resulted in one "off-market" showing, early feedback on the condition and price of the home, and ultimately a chance to price higher than most comparable properties. 

  2. Strategic Pricing: Setting the right price out of the gate is a delicate balance that requires skill and experience. It's about attracting serious buyers without leaving money on the table. I spend a considerable amount of time analyzing comparative market analyses to hit that sweet spot. Because the seller brought me into the conversation early, we analyzed and strategized the price several times before going live on the MLS. We first reviewed the historic transactions in the community, then while the home was still occupied we watched the neighborhood for any new listings or competitive properties, after that we reviewed the numbers and notes once more when the Home Prep work was done and we were prepared to go live. 

  3. Home Preparation and Staging: Before a home hits the market, I coordinate a flurry of activities to ensure it looks its best. This might involve advising sellers on decluttering, overseeing minor repairs, and arranging for professional staging and photography. Every detail counts in making a property irresistible to buyers. In this particular instance, you neighbor had a long term tenant occupied property. Because timing was not an issue for the seller, we opted to wait until the home was vacant for a couple of reasons 1. We were going into the holiday season and the tenant had a juggling schedule with kids and travel etc. Coordinating showings or delaying showings because of a tenants schedule may lose you a buyer 2. Buyers often have a hard time seeing past clutter, personal artifacts or expect a level of cleanliness. As a seller, you will usually put the effort in to showcase your home in the best light, but tenants don't have the same "motivations" if you will 3.  The home needed some repairs and maintenance and it would have been very difficult to arrange in the midst of a tenant in the process of moving 4. The tenant and seller had a great relationship, and it was the respectful thing to do. With all that being said, once the tenants moved out, I started working with our Home Prep Partners and gathered quotes for my seller including: painting, handyman repairs, staging and more. Once we had a full scope of work in front of us we strategically evaluated what was going to have the biggest return on investment, and we scheduled the work from there. Within 17 days we had the whole interior of the home painted, a deep clean done and the home was ready from professional photography. This was all done through my Home Prep program with $0 out of pocket expense to the sellers! 

  4. Marketing Muscle: My marketing strategy is both broad and targeted. My proudest offering to clients is my extensive network locally and globally. I've partnered with the #8 Team in the Nation out of the Bay Area, am a founding member of REALM with top half of 1% of agents Nationwide and am connected with over 100k agents through Coldwell Banker Realty. Through my social media, professional networks, and sometimes even door-to-door efforts I strive to drum up interest quickly and efficiently. In fact, we were able to coordinate several "off-market" showings prior to being on the MLS. 

  5. Round-the-Clock Commitment: The clock starts ticking the moment we sign a Listing Agreement. I often work around the clock, preparing marketing pieces, strategically planning, fielding inquiries, conducting showings, and facilitating open houses. An agents availability can make or break a deal, especially in a hot market. My commitment is to always make my clients listings my top priority. 

  6. Negotiation Skills: Once offers start rolling in, my negotiation prowess comes into play. My first priority is to understand my sellers motivations and "magic wand" offer terms. Then I evaluate each offer not just on price, but on the overall strength and likelihood of a smooth transaction. Once we have an accepted offer, I work to ensure their seller's interests are fully protected while keeping the deal on track. In this case, we had several issues come up in inspections that concerned the buyer. Rather than having the buyer back out because it was too much work and not enough time to complete the work prior to closing, we negotiated a fair "Seller Credit" for repairs which made a win-win for all parties. My communication with the other agents is always collaborative and not combative - making an incredible difference when negotiating in sensitive situations.  

If you're thinking about selling, I encourage you to interview Realtor's and ask these 3 questions: 

1. How do you stay on top of the market, and how do you analyze the market and interpret the data to price my home? 

2. What is your marketing plan, and how effective is the marketing? 

3. How do you approach negotiations? 


Achieving a home sale in just three days is a clear indicator of a realtor's hard work, dedication, and skill. It reflects an ability to blend market knowledge, strategic pricing, effective marketing, and relentless pursuit of the client's best interests. For me, these sales are not just transactions, but badges of honor that reflect my commitment to excellence in a competitive industry.

Work With Harmony

Harmony has the skills and strategies to ensure a smooth process and lead you to exciting results. With a background in marketing and luxury development, she is adept at strategically marketing homes in a variety of ways.

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