PixieDrone: The Innovative Solution Keeping Lake Tahoe Blue

PixieDrone: The Innovative Solution Keeping Lake Tahoe Blue

In the midst of Lake Tahoe's awe-inspiring scenery lies a hidden threat to its pristine beauty – invasive plants and debris that imperil the water quality and clarity of this iconic destination. To combat this challenge, the League to Save Lake Tahoe has partnered with ECO-CLEAN Solutions and the Tahoe Keys Marina to introduce the PixieDrone, an aquatic robot with a mission to safeguard Lake Tahoe's brilliance.

JT Chevallier, co-founder and chief strategy officer of ECO-CLEAN Solutions, expressed their commitment to preserving Lake Tahoe's natural wonder by combining cutting-edge technology with environmental stewardship. The PixieDrone, an electric, autonomous skimmer, mirrors the feeding habits of marine giants like manta rays and humpback whales, efficiently gliding over the water's surface. Armed with Lidar technology, it navigates seamlessly through docks, pilings, and boat slips, avoiding obstacles in real-time along its pre-mapped route.

The Tahoe Keys Marina, battling a severe infestation of aquatic invasive plants, found conventional methods inadequate in preserving water quality. The PixieDrone offers an ingenious solution, efficiently corralling and removing harmful weeds, preventing their spread into Lake Tahoe. Beyond weed control, it can address gas spills and conduct water quality assessments with its scientific instruments. Currently undergoing testing at Tahoe Keys Marina, the PixieDrone aims to gather invaluable data and refine its operations for potential implementation in other Lake Tahoe areas. With this high-tech marvel, Lake Tahoe's pristine beauty remains protected, ensuring that it continues to stay blue for generations to come.

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